Advantages of Hiring An Outsource Digital Marketing Agency

Advantages of Hiring An Outsource Digital Marketing Agency

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When you’re running a small or medium size business, time is a precious commodity and marketing your brand will take up plenty of your time.

When you decide to outsource your digital marketing to an agency (like what we do at ESTRAT Digital Marketing does 24/7), you get access to the following advantages:

1. Access To The Skills You Need

First, having an In-house digital marketing team means that you need to gather and sustain your own employees. This is practically difficult and even impossible for a lot of businesses.

Think about it, it wouldn’t be financially stable to hire someone for a full or even a part-time employee if you aren’t needing or using their skills constantly and consistently.

But with an outsource digital marketing agency, you wouldn’t worry about this type of problem. They are able to retain employees of different roles and can even add the right mix of skills to meet your campaign objectives at no added costs.

2. You Don’t Need To Hire

In case it wasn’t clear the first time, let us write it out. Working with an outsource digital marketing agency means that you don’t need to hire anyone but the agency.

Hiring is an incredibly tiresome and expensive task. This is true especially when you’re looking to build a team. 

You will be looking at weeks of gathering resumes and filling your schedule with endless interviews, salary negotiations, benefits, infrastructure, computers, desks and building access. Which is a waste of time and it could have been better used to prepare and launch your marketing campaigns.

Hiring is a huge commitment but outsourcing will take the pain out of this since most agencies deal with annual contacts with their team. With that simplicity, you only need to pay for their services to acquire talent quickly. And being able to get top-level talent as soon as possible is invaluable for your business.

3. No Turn Over Time

If you do decide to create your own internal digital marketing team, you build a significant amount of key-man risk. Meaning, you are putting a lot of information and trust in one or two people. 

But imagine if those one or two employees leave your company. They’ll be bringing everything with them and you will be left with little to zero assets.

However, you don’t have to worry about this if you are outsourcing. Especially since agencies are experienced in spreading out critical information and strategies with proven systems.

It is a fact when we say that agencies have a lot of people from different departments working on your account. And even if there is some turnover, there are redundancies that are built into their process that even juniors can easily pick up. Overall, outsourcing a digital marketing agency is stable. 

And stable is good!

4. Reduced Risks

There are always risks involved when hiring someone. You are making quite the commitment to hire a full-time digital marketer as compared to an outsourced digital marketing agency. 

When you do work with an agency, there are different team members that can be cycled into your partnership to find the output that you (the customer) wants.

And compared to committing to a full-time digital marketer. You can actually end your relationship with the agency. 

It’s a stress-free partnership since most outsourced digital marketing agencies assume that you are going to work with them for at least 2-4 years or even just 3 months to half a year until you are ready to fly with your own wings.

5. Manage Your Budget More Effectively

An outsourced digital marketing agency is typically responsible for your marketing spend with the platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram,Twitter and more.

They can take a load off your back since tracking your budget across these platforms and campaigns is very difficult and time consuming.

Plus, you won’t need to worry about how your campaigns are performing. Or if your conversion rates are rising or not. Since the agency can handle and optimize your campaigns depending on the translated and complex set of data, reporting and management requirements.

The right outsourced digital marketing agency can effectively manage them and make the necessary changes since they are equipped with the tools to make the processes more efficient.

An outsourced agency means that you can benefit from their internal controls and procedures. You are assured of a return on investment. The marketing specialists will focus on acquiring you leads and spend the time making sure you get the results you paid for.

6. You Benefit From An Outside Perspective

Experience is the greatest teacher and an in-house team is inherently limited in the experiences that they have.

However, an outsourced digital marketing agency works with a variety of industries, business types and marketing professionals in their field. They also have the means to learn and develop innovative and successful marketing techniques and apply them to different sectors of the business community.

And since they need to meet continued professional developments, their employees undergo training that hones their skills. By hiring them, you are able to tap into insights and expertise that are tested and extremely effective.

7. You Keep Up With The Latest Marketing Trends

Think of it like this, your in-house marketer is usually experiencing burnout in day-to-day tasks. And because of that, they might not have much time to read up on all the latest social media, SEO, content marketing and branding news. They are limited in terms of growth that can be taken from outside of the company.

The majority of reputable digital marketing agencies take education very seriously. They invest time and resources to get into the latest, trends, tools and technologies to serve their clients better. And they use their own time to learn how to use these new resources without having to charge you extra for their time.

8. Meet Deadlines On Time

One of the greatest benefits of having an outsourced digital marketing agency is their ability to meet deadlines on time.

This is an extremely important guarantee as a solid marketing strategy cannot afford a single point of failure.

Even just a typical agency, they have multiple teams that are able to work on your campaign using different softwares and automation solutions. This gives you more certainty that you will not delay your campaigns and objectives.

For example, ESTRAT Digital Marketing Agency have specialists for SEO, PPC, social media, Digital Marketing , Paid Ads and Website Design and Development. We always equip the whole team with sufficient skills and ready to respond to on-demand requests.

Lastly, a digital agency will also help you in your planning and development stages so that you are ready to smoothly execute your media, copy and campaign briefs.

9. Easily Scale Your Marketing Efforts

For a traditional in-house operation, the only way to increase the output of your marketing team is to hire more employees.

However, an outsource digital marketing agency already has an arsenal of workers that they can call upon at a moment’s notice especially if you want to employ a bigger and bolder strategy.

These agencies also have the experience to help you scale faster. You don’t need to pay your employees to take online courses or hire someone new since a digital marketing agency will be able to adapt to your needs and help you grow.

10. You Get To Do More With Less

Overall, it is tough to use all the digital channels there is to help grow your business. And your in-house digital marketing person or team will need help especially with PPC campaigns, email lists, social media campaigns but with a limited number of employees, unless your budget can afford it, it’s practically impossible to manage these channels with ease.

Outsourcing will help you use all of these marketing channels with ease, access a variety of specialties, less turn over, and website to content optimization.


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