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Ruben Licera

Founder & CEO

RUBEN LICERA is an international award-winning communications professional, a multi-awarded content creator, and a respected result-oriented digital marketing strategist and business coach.

The results speak for themselves

We offer our clients a remote team already fully trained and ready to help you scale your business, today.

Start working ON you business, instead of IN it..

+5,869 Tasks
+2,880 Hours

+4,122 Tasks
+1,980 Hours

+5,106 Tasks
+3,001 Hours


“I am very thankful to Ruben and his team. There is very high level of Professionalism among team members. Consistency is high. Very reliable….

Marketing Director
Marketing Director
UK Client
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“We hit 70k+ views on YouTube within a month and we are definitely giving credit to the team, thank you so much for all the hard work and effort.”

Eric Coffie
Eric Coffie
President, GovCon Giants
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“If you’re a Western Company looking for an Agency in the Philippines look no further. Ruben Licera’s team delivers. I have 6 years working ….

Gary Little
Gary Little
Founder/CEO, Mimic Digital
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You may ask yourself...​

What tasks should I delegate?

You don’t have to do the boring and long hiring process, you don’t have to have the bad experience of hiring the WRONG virtual assistants.. You don’t have to it because we already did that part for you…

1. Administrative Duties

2. Lead Generation

3. Social Media Management

4. Email Management

5. Graphic Design & Video

6. SEO & Marketing

7. Website Design & Updates

8. Contact Management

How Do We Communicate?

The portal will allow you to assign tasks, start discussions, upload files, and fully integrates with your email for quick communication. 
We also use instant communication tools, Email, and even by Phone!

What Can a Virtual Assistant Do ?

Let a Virtual Assistant handle your routine tasks like Advertising, Contact Management, Data Entry, Social Media Marketing, and other Administrative duties that are taking away from you focusing on your business growth.

Can I Change Plans Or Cancel ?

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.
If you’re on an hourly plan, the hours don’t expire, they remain in your account to be used at a later date.

Do You Have Payment Options ?

Our virtual team

Take Back Your Time.

Our team can save you a ton of image and energy that is better spent elsewhere. You know that already, that’s why you’re here. 

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